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Front cover of the game on the DS

Welcome to the new homepage of plants vs zombies

The page had rude comments but now back to normal here is a little thank you to the people who protected and saved my hard work. Thanks to all my friends who have saved my website. A big thank you to grace, marney , maddie and joe for your nice messages you put on here, and jack ,ryan and alfie fortrying to help me solve who did this (we havent found out...YET) To the person that tried to ruin my hard work, please do not do it again, its not nice and not fair on me. Thanks again to my class friends.


So the main idea of the game is to protect your house from waves of zombies by using sunflowers to get sun to get plants.

You can play day the night then pool fog and then the roof levels. As you go nearer to the end you will earn many more plants zombies and features including crazy daves store.

The game is simple at start but baloon zombies and digger zombies and others will make the game very difficult...

The game includes shops a zen garden jokes from crazy dave and minigames and a little book which tells you about plants and zombies you have at the moment!

you will face a boss and a little song at the end. Its very addictive and can still be purchased at other shops. The game had one alot of awards as well.


No zombies

No zombots

No rude comments

No zombie robot chickens from space

No swears

No out of ideas...

Wallnut cracked2


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